Is perfect.

If you know me in an capacity, you know it's been a long time since I've been able to say anything remotely close to that.

To start things off, the kids are great. Getting bigger by the day.

They are currently 2 + 4 months (Averie) and 1+ 6 months (Paxton).

Paxton has finally started walking all over the place and man did he take off when he finally started.

Averie is becoming my big beautiful girl. Her hair is finally growing and she's really starting to talk. Her personality kills me, she is absolutely hilarious.


I'm engaged!


Yep, I'm engaged and couldn't be happier.

His name is Trey and he is wonderful. We are so great for each other. He also has a 4 (almost 5) year old who is great! I'm sure as I post more (and I promise I am going to start back) more details will be shared. For now, here are some great pictures...

Right now we are extremely focused on merging our 2 families into a big happy wonderful family and I can't wait to see what's to come :).


I promise!

Here's a pic of Avie and Pax til I can give a full-blown, detailed update (hopefully tonight)!

So excited! And absolutely loving our new place. Pictures are to follow of course.

Our new duplex.
Hall bath!

I'm SOOO happy with the kids and I's new place!


But when it's nice we take full advantage.


This years holidays were great. Christmas Eve we spent at my Aunt Peggy's and had the best time! I know it's late (this has been in draft stage forever) but hey better late than never.

It was a great holiday season this past year and I can't wait to see what next (now this) year will bring!


It was great! I know I'm late getting pictures up. I'm about to post pictures from our Christmas as well.


Right now my primary method is consistency. So were going EVERY 20-30 minutes depending on if she went the time before and what she's been drinking. As of yet she hasn't gone on the potty except twice which has resulted in me acting like an idiot praising her which she seems to enjoy. I talked to her daycare last week and they agreed they would take her as well. Of course that was before North Texas' #iceapocalypse2013 (as it's being called). The daycare was closed Friday as well as today so I'll have to remind them I'm pretty sure.

I plan to keep posted on how it's going and any positives or negatives I work out along the way.

It's beautiful but so dangerous.

Of course I had to work (thanks Silverleaf) but at least I got off a tad early. And I'm very thankful I didn't have to drive in it, I would've been terrified. I'm also thankful my kids have been safely at my dads since last night and are also spending tonight. I really don't want anyone to be out with them in the car until the streets are safer. That being said, I really really miss them. I absolutely hate being home alone in this weather. I've been thinking about it all day and while God knows I don't miss my ex I do really miss knowing that I'm not gonna be alone.

My dad sent this yesterday of my baby boy.
And apparently my AvieCay got her hair done at daycare yesterday.

-To start off with today, my little man, Henry Paxton started going to the daycare his big sister has been going to for a few months, from what I hear he did great!

-My birthday is in a week. Ive decided that turning 23 is going to turn over a new leaf for me. I'm thinking about even doing my hair completely different, we shall see though.

-Averie's really starting to talk a lot. And she answers your questions. My beautiful daughter amazes me everyday.

-I'm having a hard time deciding what to do for the kids birthdays. Chances are it/they will be at Chuck E Cheese. I just don't know whether to do 2 or 1 collective one. Pax will be 1 on Dec 13th and Averie will be 2 on Feb 5th.

-I'm really loving my new car! Camry all the way!


The new addition to the family :)


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